Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Will have to give this a go...

I wish I knew where this recipe came from so I could give credit, but it was just one of those posts passed around Facebook that I grabbed and wanted to share.

I love making stuff like this myself as I know exactly what goes into it. This recipe is great because it's all non toxic and completely edible, it doesn't matter if little miss has a taste (and you know she will). By the way, when do kids grow out of the "everything goes in the mouth faze"?

My mum use to make us home made play dough which was always hours of fun. I will definitely have to ask for that recipe in the near future.

Have you got any easy recipes like this that you make for your kids to play with?

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Serena Lewis said...

OH what fun!! Mikayla would love those!

I remember all the fun we had with the home-made playdough. Here is a link to the same recipe I used to use. The cooked version is definitely the best for smoothness, softness and pliability...and it lasts for ages. The one I used was the first one showing on the page - Just a note - The pot make seem a bit of a mess afterwards but just fill it with warm water and add some Bicarb. soda...leave it for about an hour....cleans up real easy.

Mum xo