Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Growing, Nursery, Cloth Nappies and a Move

My beautiful daughter Mikayla is growing and developing in leaps and bounds. Some days I wake up and look at her and think "were you this big yesterday?". It is incredible how fast they learn and do new things. Mikayla is 3 1/2 months and loves to smile and laugh. She is such a happy baby which makes me a very happy Mummy. Her hand and eye coordination is getting really good now and she even had her first roll from back to tummy the other week. She loves to sit up, but hates to lie down unless it is on her play mat. She will endure tummy time for about 5 minutes before getting fed up with it and demand to be picked up. She loves her baths and showers with Mummy and she will talk your ear off almost all day long. Can you tell I am a proud Mumma?

I didn't realise that babies came with so much. I swear Mikayla has more stuff then I do. I am constantly buying new toys and books to keep her stimulated. We are fast running out of room in our small town house so Alex and I will be moving into a larger house next month. I can't wait!

Here are some pics of Mikayla's nursery before I pack it all away -

Mikayla currently sleeps in a bassinet beside my bed, but she is getting way to big for it now. As soon as we move she will be going into her cot which will be moved into our room. I couldn't stand having her in another room just yet. She usually sleeps from about 9pm till 7am at the moment which I love. She still has short naps throughout the day but her best sleep is at night. I love cloth nappies! My favourites are just the simple bamboo flat nappy with a PUL cover. I find they work the best for me. I love them more then the disposables and find they hold a lot more also. I found the disposables leaked through the longer sleeps at night and actually started to smell. I don't mind the washing and don't think it is harder in any way to use cloth. The only thing I use the disposables for is when Mikayla is wearing little jeans or tights where the bigger cloth nappies won't fit and look weird.

This is the bamboo flat nappy modelled by my beautiful girl

This is the nappy with a cover over the top

and this is my rolly polly baby :)

and here are a few more pics from this past month -

That smile just melts my heart!

My beautiful dughter and I on my Birthday

Mikayla and her Daddy

I set this photo up at home on my bed and thought it turned out really well

My cheeky Monkey

Well I could sit here and post pics of my gorgeous girl all day, but I just don't have the time. I have dinner cooking in the oven that's almost done and a baby I can here stirring from her sleep, so I must be off and hope to be back soon. Take care everyone :)

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Quikly While the Baby Sleeps

So I am trying to be super fast at writing this post while Little Miss has her morning nap. It is so hard to find time for blogging anymore, there is so much stuff I would love to share, but just can't spare the time.

I am still doing really well and loving every moment of Motherhood. Mikayla is really developing in leaps and bounds at the moment. She has just turned 12 weeks and I can't believe how much she is learning everyday. She is scooting everywhere on her back at the moment, I constantly have to put her back on her mat. When she is lying on her back she lifts her head up to watch me or to let my know she wants picked up. It won't be long till she is rolling, she half gets there now but plonks back again before she can fully make it.

Look at those cute dimples!

I am in love with these big smiles that light up her whole face and she is even chuckling. She is starting to grab things and hold them, and is starting to really know how to work those hands. I love watching her learn and grow.

Isn't she beautiful

Mikayla has been struggling with wind since she was about three weeks old. She was waking up at 2am every night with the pain and strain of trying to get the wind out. I tried everything to help but nothing worked.

It was becoming frustrating because I knew she would be sleeping through the night if it wasn't for the wind. I hated to see my baby girl struggling so hard and in obvious discomfort. The only thing I could do was wait till her bowels started to mature and hopefully she would grow out of it soon.

To my relief she did start sleeping through the night for a couple of weeks, and I felt so refreshed and energised. It seemed like she was getting the knack of it and wasn't struggling anymore.

Though my excitement and relief was short lived. It now seems like she has reverted back to not sleeping through because of the wind again. I just don't know what happened. I am hoping it will only last a short time and we will be back to feeling refreshed and energised again shortly.

My sweet angel first thing in the morning after a good nights sleep

Anyway, I had a few more things to blog about but I can hear Mikayla waking up. Hopefully I will be back on here soon to share some more pics.