Thursday, July 29, 2010

19 weeks...

and 2 days pregnant! I can't believe how much I already love this little baby wriggling away inside of me. It's crazy how fast motherly instincts kick in, cause I would already do or give up anything for this precious little one. Feeling it moving everyday is the biggest gift I have ever been given. I am so thankful to be able to conceive and carry a child. It really has made me look at things a lot differently and to just be greatful for everything in my life even when things get hard.

In a few days time hopefully we get to find out whether we are having a little boy or girl, and I can barley contain the excitement of knowing I will get to see my baby again soon. I am not looking forward to the part where I have to fill my bladder to point of explosion before I get the scan done though. Especially cause bubby seems to have found a new toy and likes playing the game of 'let's make Mummy run to the toilet by karate kicking her bladder'. So not looking forward to that game while sitting in the waiting room. Hopefully I won't embarrass myself before they let me go to the toilet.

Bubby is definitely getting stronger and stronger everyday. I feel so much more movement now then I did a couple of weeks ago and it is definitely more stronger. I love that slow pushing, rolling feeling on the side wall of my uterus. It makes me so happy yet feels so strange at the same time. I even got to feel a kick on the outside the other day. I was feeling little kicks inside so I pressed my fingers to the place it was kicking then all of a sudden I got this massive poke at my fingers. I couldn't believe it!! I was so shocked and happy. I really didn't expect to feel anything from the outside just yet. Hopefully Alex will get to feel it move soon too. He can't wait and neither can I.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Loving Etsy!

I seem to spend my days getting lost in the pages of Etsy at the moment. Browsing and day dreaming about cute handmade things for the little one in my belly. It's times like this I wish we were rich! I think I would buy almost everything they have on there for babies, lol.

I really like the idea of going handmade for a lot of the baby toys and clothing. I think they are so much cuter then the generic stuff they have in the super markets these days. I am definitely one for trying to do my bit for the environment and the health of my family, but also being an artist myself, I like to support others in the creative industry.

Look at this cute and colourful rabit from Super Sock Monkeys etsy store.

and this wonderful wooden baby rattle from Woman Woodworker's Natural Wood Toys

I am also really passionate about cloth diapering. I am definitely going to try and do my best at sticking with it. I have always wanted to cloth diaper and really hate the idea of using those plastic throwaway diapers from the shops. Not only do I think they are a waste of money, but they are terrible for the environment and the harsh chemicals they use in them to make them absorb aren't very friendly on a little delicate baby bottom.

Not that I have a problem with anyone else using disposables on their own children. They are definitely more convenient and easier to use which is really appealing to me, but I just don't want to use them on my own child. Let's see if I change my tune after the first couple months of cloth diapering, lol.

I really love this fleece diaper cover from Cottontail Babies. It is so darn cute!

Any who, I'm off to browse the many more pages of Etsy :)

Have a great day!!!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Happy Birthday Chloe!!!

Alex and I spent the day yesterday with friends at their daughter Chloe's first birthday party. It was such a beautiful sunny day with a banquette of food and drinks that didn't seem to end. Alex and I both went home very full and tired at the end of the day.

Melissa and I have been friends since school and I was so happy and excited to be there to celebrate this milestone in her beautiful daughters life. There were a lot of little kids and babies there too which got Alex and I so excited thinking about the day we will have our little one in our arms.

I can't believe Chloe is already 1 year old. Time sure does fly!! She is such a little cutie, don't you think?

Chloe - from helpless little baby to independent girl with her own personality

It is unbelievable how much babies change in the first year of their lives. It kinda makes me sad that it will zoom by so fast. I will just have to make sure when our little one arrives that we cherish every single moment.


In my own baby growing news, I am definitely feeling more and more movement everyday. I love the little butterfly's and the jelly flopping goodness that is happening inside my belly. Sometimes it can really tickle though and make me giggle out loud. I can't wait for Alex to be able to feel it from the outside.

This is a pic of me and my baby bump taken yesterday. 17 weeks and 5 days

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

17 Weeks!!!

Today I am 17 weeks pregnant. OMG! I am so excited to be saying that. I have been wanting to be a Mum for so long and can't wait for the day that I get to hold that perfect little baby in my arms.

I woke up yesterday with a belly that seemed to grow over night. I couldn't believe it! My Mum was actually the one to notice it first when I went over to pick her up in the morning to help me do some wedding shopping. After she pointed out the noticeable mound protruding from my dress I looked down at my belly and was like "where did that come from!". It was so funny cause It seemed like I just popped! I walked around in shock all day at the now obvious pregnant belly I'm sporting. I had the biggest smile on my face and couldn't help, but rub the place where I new my precious baby was lying.

Alex was in shock too when he came home from work and I showed him what I had been growing. He gave me the happiest smile then leaned over and gave my belly a big kiss, which I loved.

This is a pic of bub from our first scan at 12 weeks. I am sure it is a lot bigger now though

This is Alex and I proudly showing of the scan pics. Seeing our baby for the first time was magical