Friday, June 22, 2012

Soap Nuts!

I was giving up on cloth nappies altogether before I discovered this wonderful, natural product. 

No matter what I did my nappies would always end up smelling and were becoming less absorbent. I tried using less and less detergent, sun dry morning through to afternoon and hot water strip my nappies, but they still always smelled. 

You can't use bleach on MCN's (modern cloth nappies), like you could with the old terry towel squares. I was initially using rockin green detergent, but it isn't cheap and you have to get it shipped out as it's only sold in specialised stores. It worked well and was also all natural which I liked, but I just couldn't keep paying for it any more. I recently found soap nuts which is another natural alternative to detergent, and boy oh boy do they do a great job! My nappies don't smell at all and come out beautifully clean. I won't be using anything else on my nappies now.

There are also many other uses for soap nuts around the house -

  • laundry liquid
  • hand soap
  • shampoo (replaces shampoo and conditioner together, try a spray bottle!)
  • pet shampoo (leaves hair soft and silky, will also repel fleas, mites, ticks, mosquitoes etc)
  • general purpose cleaner for the kitchen and bathroom
  • carpet cleaner (spray or sponge onto stain and blot clean)
  • dishwasher soap (liquid in dispenser section with optional 1tbs vinegar as a rinse aid)
  • pest spray (use spray bottle to spray bugs on plants)
  • glass cleaner (1tbs soapnut liquid, 1 tbs vinegar and 1 cup water)

Here is a link with some faq's about the nuts if you are interested -


Rita said...

Wow! Never heard of these. I'll have to tell Leah, my DIL, about them. She's very into natural cleaners. Thanks! :)

Serena Lewis said...

I think I might just have to get me some of these soap nuts. They sound great!

Where the Heart is said...

Mum, I'll give you some to try. They last for ages!

Rita, I'm sure your DIL will love them. They are so good!