Monday, June 18, 2012

Making toilet training a little easier

It is really starting to get cold here at the moment, and all these extra clothes we are putting on our children is making it a little harder for toilet training. I have had Mikayla using the potty from the time she could sit. Just mainly getting use to it and helping her figure out how her body works and the signs that tell her she needs to go toilet. 

I have to admit though I have been pretty slack at keeping up a routine and being stringent with it, but now Mikayla is 18 months, I figure it's time to knuckle down and get on it before she reaches the terrible two's and it becomes a lot harder. Though I do think this little girl of mine is heading into that wonderful stage I have heard so much about already. Someday's I swear I just talk to myself. I am discovering very quickly that I have one very strong willed daughter, eeep!

I have been getting rather frustrated with the multiple layers of clothing I have been having to take off just to see if my daughter may or may not actually use the toilet, only to put them all back on again, and 10 minutes later I spy her making some gesture or another that makes me think may be her new queue to let me know she needs to go. It's usually not, but sometimes I get lucky. Ahhh the joys of it all.

I have been looking/drooling at the really cute baby leg warmers on Etsy and thinking about how much easier they would make this whole process, as well as look super cute on my girl! The idea is that she can still just run around in her knickers and keep her legs warm without her going through multiple sets of clothes a day if she has an accident or two... or three (I swear this girls bladder is the size of a pea).

I wondered if they would be that hard to make myself and went searching the net to try and find an easy to follow pattern. After 10 seconds of searching I was lucky enough to find a great Blog (I now follow) written by a wonderful women who has shared a really easy to follow pattern using knee high socks. You can find it here, the whole blog is definitely worth a look though.

After finding this pattern at about 4pm on a Saturday afternoon, I was super excited and decided I needed to dash out to the shops to get these socks right away. I had the good intentions of getting back and making the leg warmers that night. I was keen to make this toilet training business easier on me and Mikayla. With the shops all starting to close around me, and babe in arms, I quickly found four  pretty cool pairs at Target (Target also being the fourth shop I had to check to find any, grrr!).

It's now Monday afternoon and I have now finally started and finished the four pairs of baby leg warmers. Mikayla has been wearing a pair for the last hour and they have already been a huge success! I love them!

Here are three of the four pairs I made.

And here is my gorgeous girl rocking the other pair.

Give them a go! :)


Serena Lewis said...

Super cool idea!!! Great job on the leg warmers, Michelle....and Mikayla looks so darned cute wearing them. They stay up fine?

Btw, great to see you blogging again!!!

Mum xo

Where the Heart is said...

Thanks Mum, and yes they stay up perfectly! Yeah I have been missing my blog. Got lots to catch up on over the next few days. Hoping to do a post a day till I cover it all :)

Serena Lewis said...

Cool! Looking forward to them ~ xo

Rita said...

Now that's a really cute and practical idea! I love the ones she has on in the picture. She's really getting big! :)

Norma Soulet (AZArtist) said...

Hi Michelle,
Wow it has been ages since we last spoke. Hope you and the family are doing well. :) I am so happy that you are expecting again. :) Please don't forget to keep me updated. :)
I love the leg warmers that you made for Mikayla. She has gotten so big. God bless her!
Whenever you can please drop by my blog to see my New Art.

Beau T said...


Where the Heart is said...

Thanks Rita, yep she is growing in leaps and bounds. Definitely not a baby any more :(

Norma, yes it has been too long. I keep meaning to get in touch but life just always seems to get in the way these days. Hoping to try and make some more time for this stuff. I will drop by your blog now and check it out :)