Monday, September 19, 2011

Teeth and Chocolate!


Isn't that smile even cheekier then before?

When I wrote my last post Mikayla only had the one tooth, but I knew the second tooth wasn't very far behind. It actually broke through the very next day. I was so excited!

and Chocolate...

Hehe! Look at that chocolate grin.

I decided to give Mikayla her first very own chocolate freddo to munch on this weekend, and boy did she love it! It was so cute watching her devour it, though I am not sure how much she actually got in her mouth judging by that chocolate beard she is wearing.

So cute! Even covered in chocolate.

Trying to share with Daddy.

These photos reminded me of a photo my Mum had taken of me at a similar age eating chocolate. So I went hunting for it and found it tucked away in my baby album. I thought it would be fun to share it with you so I scanned it.

Me as a baby eating chocolate.

I actually think Mikayla and I look very similar. What do you think?


Serena said...

OMG...very CUTE! She looks so much like you!

Mum xo

Norma Soulet (AZArtist) said...

Hi Michelle,

Mikayla looks so cute with her first teeth! :)
I can see her face enjoyed the chocolate but don't know if she actually eat any! LOL
Wow, you both look alike in the photos!
A big hug!

Rita said...

LOL! So sweet that you have the same pictures! You do look very similar to me!! Both chocolate covered cutie pies!! :):)

The first tooth is usually the hardest. ;)

Bradley said...

Hi Michelle,

Great post! I love the pics of Mikayla eating the chocolate! That's great that Mikayla is finally getting her teeth through, and a Freddo would be a great choice to start with, it would have been cute watching her eat it! Love the pic of Mikayla & Alex, so cute seeing her hold her hand out to him! I also love the pic of you eating the chocolate, it's always great to look back over pics of when we're younger, no matter what age!

Love Brad!