Sunday, March 6, 2011

Quikly While the Baby Sleeps

So I am trying to be super fast at writing this post while Little Miss has her morning nap. It is so hard to find time for blogging anymore, there is so much stuff I would love to share, but just can't spare the time.

I am still doing really well and loving every moment of Motherhood. Mikayla is really developing in leaps and bounds at the moment. She has just turned 12 weeks and I can't believe how much she is learning everyday. She is scooting everywhere on her back at the moment, I constantly have to put her back on her mat. When she is lying on her back she lifts her head up to watch me or to let my know she wants picked up. It won't be long till she is rolling, she half gets there now but plonks back again before she can fully make it.

Look at those cute dimples!

I am in love with these big smiles that light up her whole face and she is even chuckling. She is starting to grab things and hold them, and is starting to really know how to work those hands. I love watching her learn and grow.

Isn't she beautiful

Mikayla has been struggling with wind since she was about three weeks old. She was waking up at 2am every night with the pain and strain of trying to get the wind out. I tried everything to help but nothing worked.

It was becoming frustrating because I knew she would be sleeping through the night if it wasn't for the wind. I hated to see my baby girl struggling so hard and in obvious discomfort. The only thing I could do was wait till her bowels started to mature and hopefully she would grow out of it soon.

To my relief she did start sleeping through the night for a couple of weeks, and I felt so refreshed and energised. It seemed like she was getting the knack of it and wasn't struggling anymore.

Though my excitement and relief was short lived. It now seems like she has reverted back to not sleeping through because of the wind again. I just don't know what happened. I am hoping it will only last a short time and we will be back to feeling refreshed and energised again shortly.

My sweet angel first thing in the morning after a good nights sleep

Anyway, I had a few more things to blog about but I can hear Mikayla waking up. Hopefully I will be back on here soon to share some more pics.

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Rita said...

OMGoodness! That grin and the dimples!! What a charmer! :):)

You maybe already know this, but my grandmother used to lay the baby in her lap across her legs and kind of jostle it rocking gently with her knees going up and down separately a bit as she rubbed the baby's back for stubborn gas or wind, as you say. I remember that is what she taught me to do for Dagan when he was little. She said it helped the gas come out one end or the other--ROFL! ;)

Good luck! Some things you just have to wait till they pass, as you said. Believe it or not, those late nights alone with a fussy baby are also something you'll miss when they are gone. :)