Thursday, November 25, 2010

Baby Shower Invites and Building a Nursery

We are having our baby shower this Saturday coming so we have been busy preparing all week. My Mum has kindly offered to host it at her house, which I was thrilled about because our little townhouse just isn't big enough to entertain 35 people. Alex and I are doing a joint shower where females and males are welcome. We didn't think it was fare that the Dad miss out on all the excitement over his baby too. We will be having a laid back BBQ for lunch with drinks and games. It's more of a family and friends get together really then your traditional baby shower. I hope everyone will have a good time. I am pretty excited about it!

This is the invitation I made and sent out about a month ago. I was really happy with how it turned out, and it was so easy to make.


Now, for the past couple of months since our wedding, Alex and I have been busy getting all our baby stuff ready in the nursery. Alex has been lovingly building all the stuff for his little daughters nursery as they come in. I think we have all the major furniture stuff that she needs now, YAY!

Here is Alex building the cot. He looks so exhausted here. We had spent the whole day baby shopping at multiple stores, but we were so excited to see what it all looked like in her room, he pushed through his exhaustion and set it up.

This is the cot finished and all made up. We decided to go with white furniture for everything as it is gender neutral and goes with anything.

Alex also put together this bookshelf that we bought at Ikea

and this chair from Ikea as well

These photos where taken about a month ago when we were just starting to set everything up. It looks a bit different now as I have started to decorate and get a lot more stuff. I will post more pics of the nursery in progress another time though, when I am a little more happy with how it looks. I am such a perfectionist that it even drives me nuts!


Serena said...

The nursery has come a long way since those photos were taken. I'm looking forward to the baby shower this weekend. Let's hope the weather is good to us.

Love Mum xo

Rita said...

Your shower sounds like a really fun gathering idea. I like that it's not the typical shower and the guys can come, too. The room looks good. Does that chiar rock or bounce or anything? I can hardly wait to see pictures with all the goodies in their proper places. :)

T's Daily Treasures said...

I'm visiting from your mom's blog. Your invitations turned out great and are even more special since you made them.

The nursery is certainly coming along. I bought a bookshelf from Ikea for my kids bedroom and put it together a couple of weekends ago. First time I actually followed directions for anything and was successful. HA!

The shower sounds like a great way to celebrate the family. Have fun! Best wishes, Tammy

Julie said...

Have a fun baby shower!!! Your invitations came out beautifully! The babys room is looking fabulosa!!!