Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Getting Ready

After months and months of researching different types of nappies, cots, hammocks, prams, car seats, slings and much more, I am finally starting to gather everything we will need for our little baby. Lists have been made, orders have been put in and I think research is finally complete, YAY!

There are so many options for everything baby related these days. It can become quite overwhelming for a new Mother-to-be. I can't tell you how many times I have gone back and forth on different products, especially when it came to nappies.

I have always known that I wanted to use cloth nappies, but there aren't just the old fashioned terry toweling flat nappies anymore. I found out quickly that there is a HUUUUUUGE range of different cloth nappies to choose from.

I decided to start with researching the best types of material and quickly decided that bamboo was for me.

Benefits of using Bamboo Nappies -

1. Bamboo is much softer and silkier to touch and is lovely against babies skin,

2. It is naturally deodorising, antibacterial and super absorbent. It can hold up to 3 times its weight in water.

Benefits of Bamboo to the environment -

1. It requires no pesticides or fertilizers to grow, therefore is much healthier for our environment.

2. It is the fastest growing wood production plant in the world, sustainable, naturally regenerative and its root systems prevent erosion.

3. The bamboo nappies are made from is not the kind pandas eat!

As soon as I read all the benefits, environmentally and for baby, of using bamboo over cotton I was sold!

I ended up buying Pea Pods for our going out and about nappies, and bought some regular flat bamboo nappies for around the home. I also came across some really cute normal terry towel fitted nappies in cute colours that I just couldn't refuse. I think I have about 30 nappies all up which should be enough if I plan on washing every 1-2 days.

My Pea Pods, with a non leak outer layer, a bamboo soaker insert and soft fleece inside to wick away any moisture from baby's skin.

Fitted Terry Toweling Nappies.

I guess I will find out very quickly whether or not I have made the right choices or not with my nappies. Fingers crossed they work wonderfully for me :)


I also just quickly wanted to share this gorgeous little pram buddy we bought at the new local baby markets Alex and I popped into on the weekend. Here is the link for the markets we went to, I thought they were pretty good and everything sold there is handmade.

It is sooo cute and soft and fully handmade by a local lady.

I can just see little Mikayla snuggling up to this in her pram. My heart just melts.

Anyway, I hope every one has a fantastic week, take care :)


Tat said...

What a lovely blog and congratulations on your marriage. 30 nappies should be plenty. The bunny is very cute.

Rita said...

OMGoodness--even diapers aren't the same anymore--hehe! These are sooo cute! Mikayla, huh? That is a pretty name!!

Glad you're getting orders made and I hope you show all the baby goodies as they arrive. :) :)

When is your due date?

Serena said...

OMG...that pram buddy is soooo cute!! No giraffes, huh? lol I love the colours of the terry-toweling nappies! Mikayla is going to be too cute all dolled up ~ :)

Mum xo