Friday, December 16, 2011

Letter to my Gorgeous Birthday Girl

You have just turned one year old and I could not be prouder of you my Darling Daughter. We made it through our first year together and watching you grow from a helpless baby into an independent little girl has been one of the best experiences of my whole life. You make every day wonderful and I could not imagine life without you. I cherish you more then anything else in this whole world.

You are such a happy and affectionate girl who loves nothing more then cuddles and kisses with Mummy. I really hope this never changes because I love nothing more either. You have been fully breastfed and love your booby. Now that you are eating more solid food through out the day you have started to wean yourself and Mummy is starting to realise that booby's day's are numbered. I have loved this special bond we have shared together and will miss it when it is gone. I am very grateful that I could do this for you, it has been a wonderful experience. 

You are so clever and mastered most of your mile stones pretty quickly, except for walking, but you will do this in your own time. I have loved watching your personality grow over this past year and you have definitely made me laugh with you absolute cuteness! You are such a girly girl, with such a delicate nature. You are very gentle and kind and love to dance! Everyone who meets you absolutely LOVES you, and says how beautiful you are. You get many compliments which you love to hear. Daddy is already worried about all the boys he is going to have to deal with when you are older.

You like to do things in your own time with out being pushed, otherwise your stubborn nature comes out, and boy oh boy can you be stubborn! You do not like being told off, but very rarely do because you are a very quick learner of right and wrong. Mummy just has to say 'No' and you usually immediately stop and don't do it again. 

Mummy is your most favourite person in the world right now and you do not like being to far away from her. You have even started getting angry at Daddy if he gives Mummy a cuddle. We think it is really funny and cute. You are very protective of Mummy and don't like if she is upset. You know exactly how Mummy is feeling and your moods often reflect hers. We really have a close bond and I hope we always will.

I love you beautiful girl, you are my angel xxx

Mikayla on her Birthday


Rita said...

A loving birthday tribute to a sweet little girl!! :)
Happy first birthday, Mikayla!

Tat said...

Where has the time gone? Happy Birthday!

Serena Lewis said...

A beautiful letter to your baby girl, Michelle. Mikayla certainly lights up a room with her smile. I love her SO much!!

Mum xo

Bradley Eaton said...

Great post, Michelle!

I love reading your letter to Mikayla! Mikayla has definitely achieved quite a lot! We all love her so much!

Love Brad!