Friday, December 17, 2010

Mikayla Rose

Born at 10:55 pm on the 10/12/2010,
weighing 7lb 5oz

Sorry I haven't posted sooner, but as you can imagine things have been very hectic around here with the healthy arrival of our beautiful daughter. I just wanted to pop on and let everyone know that we are doing well. I will be writing my birth story soon to share with you, but just for now I have some pics of our precious angel.

She is perfect

At hospital with our new little family

Heading home from Hospital

Daddy walking his baby girl through our front door for the first time

Mummy and Mikayla at feeding time

Oh how I love her


Rita said...

And that love will just grow and grow! She's just beautiful. Daddy looks proud, too. Soooo happy for you both! :):)

Kristina said...

She is just precious! Congrats on your little girl! (I'm still waiting on mine.) She's beautiful... enjoy every minute!

Serena said...

I want to put Grandma kisses all over Mikayla's beautiful, soft face. I love her SO much! You make a beautiful family!!

Love you heaps,
Mum xo

Sandy said...

Michelle, she is so beautiful. Congrats to you and her dad. I saw her photo at your mom's blog.

Tat said...

Congratulations! Enjoy this precious time.

kate i said...

Oh Michelle, what a gorgeous litte doll she is. Congratulations on your beautiful both look so happy.

Bradley said...

Hi Michelle,

I just have to say I absolutely adore Mikayla! I'm so happy for you and Alex, you two look so proud of Mikayla! I really can't wait to see and hold her and give her love again!

Congrats again to you and Alex!

Love Brad!

Tat said...

I hope you are enjoying your new baby. I've nominated you for the Stylish Blogger Award. To accept please visit